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    Just some thoughts for the day… I just don”t get why so many men clearly settle for lives and relationships that don”t truly make them happy. You spend your whole life saying “I won”t be THAT guy”, and yet… that is exactly who you became. The guy that no longer has time for his friends or family, comes on command, follows her path rather than one that is truly shared, and let”s a woman talk down to him. Why do men stay with women that rule their life with a snotty iron fist? Women that no one else likes, except for her family, because they”re supposed to? They lure you in with that “honey moon” period and appeal, get knocked up, and then one day you look at your life and wonder “How did it become THIS?” That shiny diamond in your eye turned out to be Zirconia sold to you by the ultimate saleswoman. Pretty, but not precious. Any backbone you used to have is cowering under the weight of her crass words. While the dog you clearly didn”t want, but she made you get anyway, nibbles at your pride. You know in the back of your mind that all your friends wonder what is wrong with you, but you push that to the back of your mind and cover it with the ugly table cloth she likes so much. It just baffles me. I would never treat a man like that, nor will I let a man treat me like that. This is why relationships don”t last. Because people in this mind frame are fooling themselves.

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