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    Hello ladies! My mother had a great idea that I wanted to share with you! She called me just the other day and asked me if I wanted to make an heirloom (hand-me-down) quilt with her. I thought it was a great idea! The most important thing to me is family. There is nothing more precious and lasting. So for those of you who want to do something nice with your mom, grandma, daughter, niece, or friend… try this. There are actual places you can go to where you spend the day making these quilts. They have people who teach you what to do and give you all the supplies you need. What you do is contact all the important people you want involved with your quilt and ask them to send you a piece of material from something and a story to go along with it. Then you use those pieces of material in your quilt. So it actually is made of lots of interesting stories and pieces of the people you love. You keep the quilt and the stories and pass it down from generation to generation. I am planning to make a regular quilt and also a baby quilt for my first child (no children yet, but planning). The baby quilt will be made of things from the grandparents, me, and my husband. Just thought it would be fun!

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