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    Not too long ago, I was in a bar with some friends. It was getting late and the bar was clearing out. My friends stepped outside for a bit while I sat alone at a table. This older man came over, pulled up a chair in front of me, and slid far into my personal space. He proceeds to tell me that I have the most beautiful clavicles he had ever seen. I laughed at that statement and said I am not a fan because they are so pronounced. He got this shocked look and said that was exactly what he was thinking… pronounced… and that he absolutely loved it. He continued to stare downward in a somewhat unsettling manor. It was questionable as to whether or not he was actually looking at my clavicles or my breasts. Lol! He goes on and on for some time, making a big fuss about my clavicles, to the point that I started to think he was a bit weird. All the while, he keeps inching closer and then puts his hand on my knee. I back my chair away and tell him I am not interested. He starts to plead with me to go out with him or at least give him my number. I politely, but firmly, said no. He continues to be insistent to the point I had to get up to start to walk away. He then has the nerve to say, “Well can we just go FU*K then?” I could have slapped him at that point. I shook my head in disgust and walked away. What is wrong with people? That is so unacceptable!

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