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    I have hosted a couple of “girl”s nights” at my house and they both turned out great! It wasn’t anything fancy, but it was a lot of fun. I want to share this idea with all of you because it is a great stress reliever and way to stay close to your girlfriends, catch up on gossip, and keep your spirits up. Our first girl’s night, we pretty much just stayed in, watched some chick flicks, had a few drinks, munched on goodies, laughed about silly things, and talked about serious stuff. All in one. It was simple, but tons of fun and very satisfying. Our second girl”s night, we cooked some pizzas, went on a road trip, came back and baked some cookies, pigged out on the cookies (haha), and played some board games. It was another great night! It’s a great idea and lots of fun for everyone. If you haven”t tried it, you should! Now I want to know who else has tried this and if you have any ideas for a fun and inexpensive girl”s night?

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