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    I really think it is such a shame that family values seem to be going down the drain. It just gets worse and worse. People are losing respect for each other and our society encourages it. Television is a horrible influence on family behavior. First you have shows like Maury and Jerry Springer that teach people to embarass their families on national television and also show the blatant disrespect that these people have for each other. Then you have shows like Everybody Love’s Raymond where they talk down to each other, make fun of each other, and it never shows the supportive loving side of family life. What kills me is that it’s supposed to be funny. We are teaching generation after generation that it is acceptable to be rude and inconciderate. Men and women are abusing their loved ones and getting away with it. Cheating is out of control! It absolutely sickens me!! I just have to say that I am greatful for my family. We may not be perfect and we don’t always get along, but I can honeslty say that we managed to hang on to those good old family values. We spend family time together, go on trips together, never disrespect each other… even when we are mad and are always supportive. I just hope that there are a lot of other people out there that are lucky to have great families too!

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