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    Just wanted to share my experience with Depo Provera Injection. DP is a long term injection birth control. In most cases it stops your menstrual cycle completely. I started taking it at a very young age, not because of sexual activity, but because I needed to regulate my periods to manage pain and it was recommended by my doctor. I took it for 5 years and never had a period in that whole time. The first three years were blissful with no complications or side effects. Then, my hair started to become brittle and fall out. Over a period of time I started to have balding areas on my head. I couldn’t figure out what was going on. Then I started to get sick all the time and my immune system basically crashed. I was taking vitamins and supplements thinking that I wasn’t getting enough in my meals. I went online and did some research. I found that there were TONS of reports of these side effects being related to Depo Provera!! So I immediately stopped the injection! They say that it takes your body up to 1 year to get back to it”s normal cycle. It took me 3 YEARS!! 3 YEARS to get my cycle back to a normal pattern. Not only that, but my hair did not start growing back until after the second year. I have been off the shot for 4 years now and my hair is finally looking filled in. I still have one spot that is growing in slowly (was the worst area), but it is an actual visual difference! Also, I am rarely sick anymore! I have decided that I am NEVER taking birth control EVER again. You just don”t know what it”s really doing to you until it”s too late. Do your research when considering birth control. Search for personal experiences and do not rely souly on what the doctors say!

    I would like to share a list of side effects I have suffered through the years up to now in the hopes that you will stay away from this stuff! I am looking for a new doctor who might have more sense to know what the problem is. If you check out the other site, you will see that I have about 98% of the symptoms these other women have!!

    While on Depo: age 16 to 21

    severe migraine headaches, weight gain, immune system crash (recurring illnesses), severe hair loss to the point of bald spots, depression and anxiety, no menstrual cycle, NO sexual appetite, increase in unwanted facial and body hair

    First three years off Depo: age 22 to 24

    irregular heavy periods with unbearable cramping, hair loss stopped but no regrowth, immune system slowly improved, developed lower back and abdominal pain, developed hip and knee problems (including dislocation), slightly increased sexual appetite, desirable weight loss, now at proper BMI weight

    Years 4 to 6 off Depo Provera: age 25 to 27

    period has become regular with less cramping, hair has finally started to grow back slowly, still a lot of unwanted facial and body hair, immune system seems great, joint problems worsening, increased anxiety and panic but no depression, proper weight is maintaining. Tried for two years to get pregnant. Finally did, but had a miscarriage early on.

    Age – 30’s:

    heart beat feels off, poor memory and difficulty focusing, blurred vision and some times vision goes out for a few seconds, dizziness, SEVERE hot flashes and hives, extreme anxiety and panic attacks, sex drive is good, hair still growing back in, still at proper weight

    Late 30s to Early 40’s (now):

    irregular heart beat diagnosed by cardiologist, large ovarian cyst on left ovary found, trying to get pregnant with no success, mental clarity is better but memory still suffers, back neck and knee pain, hair on my head continues to grow in but is impressively thicker, anxiety is minimal and almost gone, still at proper weight

    In summary, I have seen the change over the years. The side effects lasted decades. I cannot believe they are even allowed to sell Depo Provera.

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